Dancing in Emptiness

The Question is what is the Question?
Is it all a Magic Show?
Is Reality an Illusion?
What is the framework of the Machine?
Darwin`s Puzzle: Natural Selection?
Where does Space-Time come from?
Is there any answer except that it comes from consciousness?
What is Out There?
T`is Ourselves?
Or, is IT all just a Magic Show?       -John Wheeler

Phenomena as they appear and resound
Are neither established nor real
Since they keep changing in all possible and various manners
Just like appearances in magical illusions.       -Asvaghosa

Dancing in Emptiness

...is the first comprehensive and detailed exposition of the remarkable meeting of Western Science and Buddhist thought. Many of the dramatic parallels and interconnections outlined in spectacular detail have not been described before.

Modern science has overturned its own foundations and now presents a picture of reality which is in accord with that proposed by Buddhist sages of two thousand years ago. The Madhyamika philosophers developed a rigorous and  razor sharp method of philosophical analysis which, together with meditation investigation, penetrated into the ultimate nature of reality.

Emptiness, the core view which is propounded by the Madhyamaka, is the insight that there is nothing in the universe which exists as an independent entity in its own right. It follows that nothing exists as a fully independent feature of reality as was always thought by Western science up until the advent of quantum physics. Indeed, an understanding of Emptiness can throw new perspectives onto problems of quantum interpretation.

The search for the ultimate TOE (a theory of everything) has become a central concern for modern physicists. But it is seldom appreciated that without integrating the phenomenon of consciousness within the 'physical' worldview any such TOE will not have a leg to stand on. This fact is unaviodable becuase consciousness is implicated at the quantum level. As the physicists Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner have recently indicated:

Consciousness and the quantum enigma are not just two mysteries; they are the two mysteries; first, our physical demonstration of the quantum enigma, faces us with the fundamental mystery of the objective world `out there` the second, conscious awareness, faces us with the fundamental mystery of the subjective, mental world `in here`. Quantum mechanics seems to connect the two.

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